George Streeter's 
Dear  Single Professional,
You deserve love and to have a full life. You have put focused time and energy into your Career, now is your time to re-focus on your whole being. Now is the time in your life for creating the love you want. I'm here to help you discover yourself and find your love.  
George Streeter
Who Is In Time For Love
We Are A Group Of Men And Women Committed To Learning and Following The Path Of Love 

 People Who Want To Break Old relationship Habits 
People Who Want To Create Longer, Stronger Relationships
People Who Want To Feel Whole In Both Their Profssional And Personal Life 
People Who Are Tired Of Starting Relationships Over And Over Again
People Who Don't Want To Wait Any Longer For Love 
People Who Are Tired Of Playing Relationship Games  
Break Relationship Patterns
Break Relationship Patterns
 Create A New Relationship
Time For Love Mastermind Create a new relationsnhip
Find Clarity Within Yourself  
time for love mastermind find clarity within yourself
You Don't Have To Do It All By Yourself Anymore
The last time many of us were coached was in our careers. Coaches have a way of seeing and drawing out the greatness that is always inside of us. In addition to being coached by your team, you will have me as your head coach. Coaches lift you up and never let you down even when you feel down on yourself.
There is a difference between your social friends & your growth  friends. Social friends take you out to a party. Growth friends take you out of your comfort zone. We need both, but we specialize in providing you with frameworks, accountability, and a team of growth friends who will inspire and challenge you to create the love you desire.
We are more comfortable disappointing ourselves than we are other people. Rather than viewing that as negative, why not simply get other community involved in our growth? We’ve been taught to rely on self-taught strategies and to elevate ourselves through trial and error, but there is an easier way. It’s called collective growth and it adds positive peer pressure to help you break old patterns.
How Does This mastermind Group Work? 
We Meet Virtually Bi-Weekly For A Year With Online Coaching In Between
What You Get Throughout The Entire Year...
  • 11 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings
  • 11 Mid-Month Group Accountability Hot Seat Calls
  • 48 Weeks Of Direct Coaching From Me
  • 30 Minute 1-On-1 Visioning Call With Me
  • 50 New Friends Committed To Your Success
  • 24 Hour Access To Our Private Online Community
NOTE: Thanksgiving marks the end of our group for the year because we value family & slow down then.
Our Proven 30 Day Success Cycle
  • Set monthly intentions, track your progress, and get coached online
  • Get text-based notifications when you get coached or your buddy progresses
  • Search your teammates by goals to get specific help on your love and relationship goals
NOTE: Thanksgiving marks the end of our group for the year because we value family & slow down then.
Pricing & Payment Options
You Are Smart To Invest In Your Love Life!  
100% Committed
Billed One-Time. Save $300.
  • 12 Time For Love Team Meetings
  • 12 Mid-Month (SOS) Support Of Success Calls
  • 48 Weeks Of Direct Online Coaching From Me
  • 24/7 Access To An Online Community Of Members
  • 40 Deep Dive Videos Into The 9 C's Of Love ($1960)
  • FREE BONUSES (WORTH $1,980):
  • 1-on-1 Visioning Call With Me ($220)
  • Access To 31 Coaching Sessions  ($5,425)
  • VIP Ticket To Any Upcoming Event ($199)
 One Month At A Time
Billed Monthly For 12 Months.
  • 12 Time For Love Team Meetings
  • 12 Mid-Month (SOS) Support Of Success Calls 
  • 48 Weeks Of Direct Online Coaching From Me
  • 24/7 Access To An Online Community Of Members
  • 40 Deep Dive Videos Into The 9 C's Of Love ($1960)
  • A FREE BONUSES (WORTH $1,980):
  • 1-on-1 Visioning Call With Me ($220)
  • Access To 31 Coaching Sessions  ($5,425)
  • VIP Ticket To Any Upcoming Event ($199)
1-on-1 COACHING (alternative)
Minimum package is 6 months*
  • 1-On-1 Coaching Session $175 per session 
  • 180 Days Of Support
Our 100% Time For Love Guarantee
We Guarantee That You Will Be Totally Satisfied With Your Experience 
As a member of Time For Love, if you do the work, I will work with you to surpass your investment even if it takes me beyond a year to do so.

In other words, when you invest $1,800 or more, I will honor your membership until you find love or the relationship you want, even if that takes more than 12 months.
In other words, your membership will last until I help you find a match in love and/or your fill in connection. 
That's how committed I am to your success. And I believe that you should live in abundant love and support. 
Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!
Send any question you have and we will respond ASAP so you can decide before the deadline.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When does this offer expire?
Enrollment for The Time For Love Mastermind closes when we reach capacity of 50, and reopens when we have new openings.
Q: Can I get the relationship help I need in a book or video?
Books and videos provide frameworks and ideas but not the direct help you need to integrate new ideas into your life. Receiving support from others who are on the same path encourages you to stay strong, take risks and honor yourself in every situation. Time For Love will show you the frameworks needed for love while participating in the community provides coaching and support from people who are at the same point in life that you are.  
Q: What if I feel uncomfortable sharing in a group? 
Just as in real life, you can choose to be as authentic and transparent as you like within the group. However, relationships are not theoretical, you must exercise "putting" on your best self in the presence of others. This takes practice, patience, and people.  You'll need a community to try on new ways of being and to remind you of your highest self when you feel your lowest. Community helps you become comfortable with the person you will become. Community helps you live out the best version of yourself, even in the face of fear and uncertainty.  
Q: Aren’t masterminds usually 4-10 people?
The traditional mastermind is a small group, but Dunbar’s Number says that tight knit communities can hold up to 150. With my technology and buddy system, we’ve been able to break that number.
Q: What is the monthly time commitment?
The monthly commitment for the Time For Love is only about 6 hours per month. We don't require anything additional from you like an online course. We are simply here to hold you accountable and provide coaching to make sure you can achieve your goals quickly.

Here is how those 6 hours per month look: 
- 1 hour for the live team huddle which is a webinar at the beginning of the month where you will be celebrated, have a teaching, and set new monthly goals connected to the creation of your love path. 
- 1 hour for the half-time call which is a conference in the middle of the month where you can share your challenges and get coached by George and the group.
- George coaches you in the online application every Monday and Thursday, so if you want online coaching, you just have to let him know what you're struggling with by 10 am on those days
- George may advise you to have quick calls with other Focused Group members who have overcome the challenge you're currently facing to accelerate your success.
Q: What if I miss a meeting?
All calls will be recorded for you to review. Replays are sent out the morning after the team meetings. However, you will not get the full experience if you consistently miss meetings. After 2 absences, I will follow up to discuss fit. In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.
Q: What if I need your 1-on-1 attention?
There are 4 ways to still get the support you need directly from me:

1. The online app allows me to coach you via text in the context of your goal for the month. I commit to coaching online at least 2 times per week—usually on Monday and Thursday mornings. So if you want feedback, you can request it there.

2. The mid-month accountability calls have what we call “hot seats.” Hot seats are your opportunity to share your problem or challenge and get coached by me live in the safety of the group. Other group members may chime in with their insight around your area of struggle. This collective wisdom is one of the benefits mastermind groups have over 1-on-1 coaching because you can benefit from everyone’s wisdom.

3. You can reach out to a group member for direct support. Through the group, you will meet people who are at similar stages of development as you or beyond and because we are all committed to each other’s success, you can ask for support. 

4. You can still hire me for 1-on-1 coaching while in the mastermind group. Members get a discount off of my standard hourly rate. Ask about our Quantum Time For Love package price, which includes extra 1 on 1 coaching. This is where I hold your hand and help you navigate creating exactly what you want. You receive all of the time and attention of my personal 1 on1 clients while receiving all of the advantages of the group. In this way, we maximize your progress without maximizing your time commitment, this is why it's called Time For Love
Q: Can I join on a month-to-month basis?
You can pay monthly, but your commitments are quarterly (for 3 months). The quarters begin on the first day of January, April, July, and October. Once you begin a quarter, you are committed for that entire quarter.

We want to create camaraderie in our group and that can’t happen when people are in and out, in and out. We highly encourage you to consider committing to the entire 12-month process to maximize your results and those of other members.
Q: How am I matched with a teammate?
After completing your new member form immediately upon joining, we will search the membership to find a person that aligns with your goals and desires. Some people also invite a buddy to join. Buddies get 50% off. So if you have a friend you want to join with, you can.